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The Kliketal Story...

From the land of Mandela, and from the Land of Dreams – of Elon Musk, Trevor Noah, Charlize Theron, Bishop Tutu, Christiaan Barnard, the Springboks, and many other well-known sportspeople, businesspersons, scientists, and celebrities, Kliketal is born…

But at the same time, South Africa, and Africa, is also the Land of Nightmares – of desperation, segregation, unemployment, and impoverishment. It has been a target for colonialists, those that came in the past and likely those that will come in the future – the Architects of Poverty.

It is the Kliketal dream and hope to help change this. Kliketal arose from the dream to empower the ordinary people. To give the ordinary a chance to become extraordinary. To give every man and woman in the street and in the villages, access to world-class experts and the ability to become extraordinary.

“Klik” is an Afrikaans word—an African native language. The word “klik” can mean “tell that others already know” or “click,” like the clicking of a computer mouse. Something many Africans are just beginning to be familiar with. The word “et al” is short for the Latin term “et alia,” meaning “and others.” It is used in academic citations when referring to a source with multiple authors. For us, Kliketal resembles the vision of many to click, democratising the access to expertise and intellectual capital that in the past were so inaccessible. Kliketal is a way for people to transform their Dreams, for becoming extraordinary, for gaining access to world-class expertise in their own backyard.

Kliking narrows distance, overcoming both space and time. Our dream is for Kliketal to make business expertise abundantly available, not only in Africa, but also for the world of business.

We would like to think of Kliketal as the first global Centre of Excellence for World-Class Business Experts to share their expertise and intellectual capital using the world’s best interactive and social online learning platform.

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Klik an expert, Get to Know-How, Make it happen. Fast | Affordable | Effective

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Klik an expert, Get to Know-How, Make it happen.
Fast | Affordable | Effective

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